WE’VE been back into the archives and uneathed these fascinating photographs which show Bolton town centre between 50 and 70 years ago.

Although many things may have changed in that time, perhaps the most interesting thing to note is how instantly recognisable the town centre remains today.

That is partly due to the layout with Victoria Square and the town hall dominating and the wonderful Le Mans Crescent sweeping around it.

Progress will always lead to new construction - it’s intersting to see what is now Crompton Place Shopping Centre taking shape in one of the pictures.

Fashions may have changed, traffic regulations have certainly altered - there’s no way you’d see a coach in Victoria Square these days - and shops have come and gone.

But the beating heart of Bolton still beats strongly and would be recognisable to those good folk who we can see on the photographs from all those years ago.

The recent restrictions may have temporarily brought ‘normal life’ to a halt but as we get back to our routines, we know that this magificent town centre will be there waiting for us.