A Great Lever terrace house could be transformed into a respite and rehabilitation centre.

Dignity in Life, a care provider, want to use the building as a fully staffed mental health rehabilitation unit.

The company has submitted an application to Bolton Council to propose the change of use.

The house, on Bradford avenue, was previously used a multiple occupancy residency.

The application states that this facility is greatly needed in the area.

It said: "There is a huge need for such facilities in Bolton and Dignity in Life are striving to help mentally ill individuals become more independent with their daily living.

"The rehab facility is a unique approach to providing care with a view to enable the patients to integrate fully society in the future."

The centre is expected to house seven residents, along with support staff. The application proposes that there will be two full-time employees and six part time members of staff.

All the residents will be 18 and over and the facility will primarily focus on individuals with mental health conditions.

The application was submitted by Mr Siraaj Sidat of Dignity in Life Ltd.

It said: "The building will have qualified and trained staff on site at all times. The building will be fully secure at all times. It is important to note the programme is fully audited and health and safety checks are consistently undertaken.

"The property will be registered with the CQC as a care home and will be staffed 24 hours a day. Dignity in Life currently offers a domiciliary service to Bolton residents and has an excellent proven record working with Bolton Council and private service users.

"The managing director and registered manager have worked in mental health for approximately 11 years running their own mental health units with similar levels of support.

"There is no change to the external layout to the site but internal alterations will be made. Generally the building is in a good state and an additional common room will be located on the ground floor to aid rehabilitation. This will replace the front bedroom.

"No parking is required other than what is already available on site. Patients will only be dropped off by relatives or guardians and they will stay on site throughout their rehabilitation."

Cllr Andy Morgan, cabinet executive for Adult Social Care, said: "I think it is a positive steep. It's changing a HMO (house of multiple occupancy), which can cause a lot of issues for people that live in that area, into a facility which supports people over the age of 18 with mental health issues.

"It will be staffed 24 hours. We have to look after these people within the community where they live. I will be very supportive of this application."

Planning officers at the town hall will decide the outcome of the application at a later date.