A HOARD of rubbish including house and car doors have been dumped in Breightmet by fly-tippers.

The waste, which contains a plethora of household waste, was thrown on land off Radcliffe Road this week.

Breightmet resident Gareth Molyneux came across the rubbish on Tuesday.

He said: "You don't want to be seeing stuff like this when you are going for a walk.

"There's been a few incidents of fly-tipping in Breightmet recently.

"These people just do not have any respect for anybody.

"They do not think of people enjoying a walk with their family when the weather is nice and especially with what is going on at the moment."

Gareth said dog fouling has also been an issue in Breightmet.

He added: "We also get people leaving dog mess on the floor as well.

"You cannot really enjoy the views or scenery."

There have been a number of fly-tipping incidents in the borough recently with residents warned to use reputable companies to take waste away.