A TEXTILE artist in Daubhill has created an eye-catching banner to make light of the lockdown experience.

Tara Collette usually stitches her artworks in her studio in Salford, but since lockdown happened she’s taken over her mum’s living room, producing a variety of banners.

The 24-year-old has been balancing the sewing alongside volunteering for FairShare with BAND Bolton, having been furloughed from her part-time job.

Every morning she hangs her latest creation out of the window to the delight of her neighbours and passers-by, before removing it again at midday.

Tara said: “I got the inspiration from an old Welsh union banner which caught my eye, it featured a sun at the bottom. I always knew I wanted it to say ‘Good Morning Inmates’ so I put the two of them together and it works well.

“I just thought it was was a really funny expression and it would make people laugh, I’ve already had people stop and take pictures of it. I actually get really nervous when I’m hanging it out because they want to talk to me.

“I made it on May 13 and stayed up until 2am sewing it. There were rumours that lockdown was going to end so I thought I better get it finished as soon as possible.

“My mum suggested I should do it in black and white for a prison ‘look’, but I wanted to make it colourful.

“It’s all appliquéd fabric stitched togethe. The background was a piece of scrap fabric, which I actually really hated so I’m glad to have finally used it up.”

As an artist she is heavily inspired by Bolton’s textile history, which she keeps alive through her banners.

Tara’s other lockdown creations explore some of the feelings people are experiencing now, from confusion about what day it is to making sure your friends are OK.

She said: “I feel like I’ve really adapted to working at home, it’s been quite calming, I really do get ‘locked’ into it. I feel very motivated right now.”