PARENTS are being urged to keep an eye on their teenagers after a series of nuisance fires in the Farnworth area.

Fire crews were again called out to land of Highfield Road after a group of youths created a bonfire and set alight fence panels.

They were called at 1am and it is the latest in a number of bonfires created by teenagers no older than 14.

Now fire officers are urging parents to play their part and ensure their children adhere to the guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Crew Manager Mark Hoare said: "Parents need to be vigilant, their children should not be out in groups ­— they can still spread the virus.

"It is putting more pressure on our resources as we are undertaking more duties during this time.

"These are nuisance fires and if there was to be a serious incident then we would not be able to attend ­— fire engines from elsewhere would need to be brought in and time is of the essence."

He added: "When we arrive the teenagers run away and you can hear them shouting.

"Last week it was wheelie bins and this week it is fence panels, they are stealing from residents and setting fire."

Fire crews were on the scene for more than half-an-hour extinguishing the fire.