SEVERAL colourful messages have appeared on roads around the borough to thank our healthcare workers.

The bright and cheerful markings have been painted onto various streets around the town to raise spirits and pay homage to the town’s key workers.

Cllr Andy Morgan, the executive cabinet member for adult services at Bolton Council, organised the markings being placed outside ten care homes in Bolton in tribute to those on the social care frontline.

He said: “We all know that everybody is wanting to show their appreciation for the NHS and we just wanted to do something of our own to say thank you.

“I know how much it means to my staff to see these, it really does bring a smile to the workers.

“I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve had from care workers and NHS colleagues saying ‘thank you, that’s really made our day’ and that’s what it’s all about.

“It’s great to show some appreciation for the hard work done by every care worker come to light – they work incredibly hard 365 days a year and it’s nice to see that recognised.”

So far, several rainbows have appeared on roads in the borough, accompanied by messages such as “Thank you NHS”, “Thank you carers”, and “Stay well”.

They can be found outside GPs, the hospital, and some care homes across the town.

Although many people have enjoyed the special messages, some people have criticised the council for not using the cash to repair pothole-ridden roads.

Many people will be pleased to know that the council has not spent a single penny on the messages.

Cllr Morgan added: “I understand that we’ve got issues with potholes but that’s an entirely different thing, we’ve not taken any money from the highways fund for this and it’s been done at no cost to the taxpayer.

“The latest messages have all been sponsored by a local business that doesn’t want to be named, they don’t want any recognition.

“We used an outside contractor while all our staff are redeployed to other tasks so there was no council time used either.”

Every marking has been paid for by an individual or a local business who has specifically sponsored that message.