YOUNG people throughout Bolton are using the power of the written word to spread hope and positivity through their community during these dark times.

Canon Slade pupil Megan Grace Shore and Claypool Primary School youngster Evie Swan both composed poems as a way of reaching people and bringing comfort during this period of social distancing.

The Bolton News:

Megan, aged 14, wrote the poem, Pandemic, as a spur of the moment thing expressing her feelings about the pandemic and the effect it was having on young people.

She said: "I just finished my English work and just started writing the poem.

"I don't really write poetry and it was a way of expressing what is going on and to bring some positivity in these quite difficult times.

"It is about what we used to do before the pandemic and how much we are missing school and our friends but it has a positive message."

Now the poem ­— which explores about how people can pull together ­— is to be published in a church magazine and also in the school's English department newspaper.

The Bolton News:

"I just hope it helps to give hope to people who read it," said Megan, who lives in Heaton.

General Corona

General C stood brave and strong,

He took a deep breath to begin his journey so long.

His mission was to fight girl and boy

With his unbelievable power … to destroy.

He puffed out his chest and began to march,

He sees an enemy and shouts ‘CHARGE!’

Gathering soldiers to make an army as he goes,

Where he will hit first nobody knows.

He invades the chest and makes it tight

Oh no, what a terrible sight!

Next up is the lungs,

Pow! Pow! Pow! He shoots them down.

Time to move to the next town.

‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’ he laughed out loud.

Oh my gosh what a terrible sound!

Soon enough comes the angry cough,

The body slows into a sloth.

‘The crazy mission was a success!

Finally, we have caused a death!’

The corona army began to march once more,

From person to person or door to door

As he marched, he gathered power

And shot the world with a bullet shower.

“Humans, humans everywhere,

It’s working! it’s working!” he said and stared.

He wore armour as hard as stone,

‘No one can beat me,

I’m on the throne!

Hold on… hold on …why aren’t they together?

I really want this to last for ever

The humans they are staying apart,

It’s making it harder for me to start

My army is fading,

Their legs are weak,

This was the time I was supposed to peak

Oh no oh no at least I tried,

Maybe soon or another time!!’

Hopefully the humans will win this war,

Because then General Corona will be no more!!

Evie Swan aged 9

The Bolton News:

Evie, from Horwich, composed the poem, entitled General Corona, as part of her schoolwork.

In it she speaks about how we can all play a part in defeating the coronavirus.

She said: "I really love all types of writing, but I find I get lots of good ideas for poetry.

"I sent my poem to my teacher, Mr Horne, he said 'it was amazing' It is very powerful and extremely topical' which I was very proud to hear.

"I spent all day writing the poem. I started with a plan in the morning, and then wrote the poem in rough, before typing it up. I want them to know the coronavirus will go away, if we continue to social distance, just like it did in the poem."