HARRY’S Heroes: Euro Having a Laugh aired on TV this week, a chance for many to see their football heroes playing again.

However it also raised serious issues surrounding mental health and addiction with it being Mental Health Awareness Week.

An especially powerful moment in the show involved ex-Arsenal and England player Paul Merson confronting ex-Liverpool and England defender Neil Ruddock about his drinking habits.

Tensions run high as Merson, who has suffered with gambling problems and alcoholism himself, reaches out to Ruddock to help.

This moment was picked up by Whysup, a Bolton group which helps people through addiction and recovery, which posted on Facebook: “If you’re going to be a mate, be like Paul Merson.

“It’s hard for someone to challenge a friend's behaviour and being scared of the reaction. You also don’t want to come across as a preacher.”

Merson shared the post on his Instagram account.

Mark Murry, co-founder of Whysup, said: “We watched Harry’s Heroes and thought the clip of Paul Merson challenging Neil Ruddock was really powerful.

“The easiest thing for Paul to do in that situation was not to say a thing because he didn’t want to upset his friend.

"But instead he challenged his behaviour and that’s the sign of a good friend," he added.

"Sometimes that may upset them but you’ll never save someone’s life by saying nothing.

“I think the timing of Harry’s Heroes couldn’t have been better with it being Mental Health Awareness Week.

“It also highlighted that anyone can struggle, even if you’re a famous footballer. We all have mental and physical health and it’s vitally important we look after both."

For more information, visit whysup.co.uk or visit their social media platforms.