A BOLTON photographer is capturing unique images of life in lockdown - all to raise money for the NHS.

Jenine Taylor, from Little Lever, is a full-time photographer, and mum of three, who like many has had to adapt during the pandemic.

Instead of capturing classic family portraits, the 35-year-old has now been inspired to let her work tell different stories during lockdown.

Jenine says she was inspired after looking through Instagram and seeing a photographer taking pictures of people’s lives in lockdown from the front of their house.

Jenine said: “There’s quite a few momentous occasions that people have missed because of lockdown.

“People still want to celebrate events, like birthdays and VE Day. People got in touch with me after I started doing these porch photos asking if they could have their picture taken for an event and I’ve met so many great people.”

Jenine has been taking photos from people’s driveway’s across Bolton with the events covered so far including missed weddings and people unable to move home.

People who want the photos are asked to make a small donation to the NHS, through her photography Facebook page, with Jenine commenting on the generous nature of the people she has captured.

So far, she has raised £1,220.

Jenine said: “I’ve had lots of people getting in touch saying they enjoyed the whole experience. It’s lovely to see.

“Some people are saying it’s the first time they have been out in weeks.

“My home studio has turned into a classroom for my three boys but I’ve met some lovely people who have messaged me afterwards.

“The family playing tug of war in their drive had a caravan there too which they called the bar or cinema to go to when they were bored of the house.

“Everyone I met was so upbeat, it was an honour to have been able to share a tiny part of their lockdown lives.”