Pupils at Canon Slade School have put their cooking skills to the test in a 'bake the rainbow' competition.

Mrs Teasdale, the school's food teacher, judged the competition and despite being unable to sample the cakes herself, she was impressed by the pupils' creativity.

She said: "We had lots of entries ranging from a jelly, with its own pot of gold, to a rainbow salad and lots of magnificent cakes from students from year 7 to year 13.

"The standard as always was very high and they could be judged on appearance, although many had amazing-looking inside layers with a multitude of colours.

"All the entrants were winners as all had a product to share with their families, who I am really sure appreciated a treat during lockdown and I hope they weren't left with too much washing up.

"Well done to all the entrants, you are all winners.

Entrants were awarded gold, silver or bronze certificates.