A MUM and daughter duo have published a meditation book for children.

Nikki Powell, 46, and her ten-year-old daughter Lucy worked together to create the book in just one week.

It features 20 meditations that should be read slowly to calm and relax children, encouraging sleep and positive mental health.

Mrs Powell said: “It was a lovely thing to work on together too. I’m so proud of Lucy, her illustrations are lovely and the meditations she wrote are really good.

"It's been a big learning curve for us both and we've been asking each other for ideas and we're writing our second one now for younger children.

"Lucy has struggled to do her school work because it's been such a difficult time, and it's nice to do something productive that we can work on together rather than me bugging her to do her maths.

"It was such a lovely thing to do for the two of us but it's also helping other people which is amazing."

The Relax Kids class leader, from Tonge Moor, has been working in and around Bolton for over three years.

After one of the classes, Lucy shared some of the meditations that she had written with her mum, and suggested that the pair should write a book.

Lucys Little Book of Relaxations was created through Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, which allows people to create a physical book and an e-book which can be sold on the retailer's website.

So far, the pair have sold 56 copies, and are splitting the profits equally.

Nikki added: "We still can't believe that it's actually been published.

"As soon as I found out I went straight on the Relax Kids Facebook page with my hair still dripping wet and was so excited.

"We're looking for our next thing now, I don't think I have another book in me so this second one is the last.

"That's how we survive bad things, we do something positive that helps others."

The book is available on Amazon and can be found at amzn.to/2XrgrJw.