TEENAGE revellers have been seen inhaling nitrous oxide ­— also known as laughing gas or 'hippy crack' ­— and drinking at a Bolton beauty spot.

Their actions ­— amid the coronavirus lockdown and guidance on social distancing ­— have been slammed by councillors and police.

It came after Bolton Council and police urged people to stick to the lockdown guidelines.

One witness at Lower Rivington Reservoir ­— just outside Horwich ­— said the area was packed, with its shoreline resembling a “beach on the Med”.

Images showed large groups gathered around the water, appearing not to social distance, and even swimming in the reservoir, despite safety warnings.

One group of young people could clearly be seen consuming alcohol and using nitrous oxide cannisters ­— inhaling the gas with balloons.

Councillor Kim Snape, who represents Heath Charnock and Rivington ward, said: “The Government’s restrictions are beginning to be reduced, and people are welcome to come to Rivington, but when they do come they need to behave responsibly and social distance.

“In no way shape or form should the things these images show be happening. Neither should be people be diving from vans.

“The emergency services are strained as it is.

“And if people don’t want to go back to square one, that is what is happening.”

Deputy Chief Constable Terry Woods tweeted: "My plea is for people to keep being sensible like we have up to now. Very worrying pictures of big groups this weekend.

“The battle to save lives is not over and if we ignore guidance then we will see increased cases and deaths again.”

Away from the water, there were plenty of walkers around the Rivington area, with barely a space left for day trippers to park their cars.

Travel to outdoor spaces is allowed after some coronavirus lockdown measures were relaxed by the Government.

While people can sit outside for as long as they like, members of the public have been told to avoid crowds and be at least two metres apart from one another.

Previously people were only allowed to meet one person from another household outdoors.

However, this is set to increase to six under new guidelines which come into force from today.

Cllr Snape added: “We all want to enjoy the countryside and Rivington so we have to behave responsibly.”