A FARNWORH photographer has captured an extraordinary snapshot of life in lockdown in a series of insightful images.

The photos have been taken by Ally Hedayati, who lives in Plodder Lane with fiancée Lucy and children, Layla, aged 7, and two-year-old Tommy.

Every day, Mr Hedayati, who is a wedding photographer by trade, has been taking snaps of his family in their daily lives.

Over the last few weeks Mr Hedayati estimates he has taken around 500 photos ­— some 100 of which have been shared in his blog.

The 41-year-old said: “I have always been good at taking photos of other people’s families but I have never taken photos of my own.

“I think the pictures just developed naturally. Everything is a lot more relaxed now, and I think that’s why I put this blog together.

“But at first it was really strange when we couldn’t go out of the house.”

Mr Hedayati’s photos ­— entitled 60 Days Of Lockdown ­— capture scenes likely relatable to many people’s experiences over the last few months.

The gallery shows his family at rest and play, taking their daily walks, making video calls with grandparents, eating, sleeping, baking, loving, laughing and learning; among many other realities which have become a feature of our lives amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel like everything is just on pause,” Mr Hedayati said.

“Life in lockdown has been up and down. One day you feel gutted and worried, but at the same time it has been amazing.

"I have been with the kids day after day during the week. And I think that we will look back on this more fondly in a few years.

“This blog is a snapshot of everyone’s family, as we are all going through the same things. One day you’re happy, the next sad, laughing or crying.

“But we will get through it. We just need to remain positive.”

To see the whole of Mr Hedayati’s blog and gallery visit allymphotography.com/60-days-of-lockdown/