Problem youths causing anti-social behaviour in the Bromley Cross area are creating more problems for residents.

Friday night saw a gang of almost 50 young people gathering on Hough Lane, drinking, fighting, and flouting lockdown measures.

Three male neighbours were forced to head outside in an attempt to break up the fight, whilst two other residents called the police.

The latest incident comes just two days after a group of around 30 people were caught drinking and taking drugs at the Eagley Sports Complex, causing Greater Manchester Police to increase patrols in the area.

Officers caught up with some of the youths on School Street, detaining and searching some under the misuse of drugs act whilst the rest scarpered.

On Thursday, police visited "a number" of the involved young people at their homes, warning them of the consequences they could face if they continued their actions.

Cllr David Greenhalgh, who represents the Bromley Cross area, said: “We are very aware of the ongoing issues of large numbers of youths gathering in our area during lockdown, which leads to antisocial behaviour fuelled by alcohol and drugs.

"I spoke personally to the Superintendent and Chief Inspector a few days ago, and they have increased patrols in the hotspot areas. I know a number of youths were detained from an operation around Eagley Sports Complex the other night and an arrest made last night.

"This behaviour at any time would be unacceptable, but especially now, and parents need to take responsibility for the whereabouts of their children.

"The dialogue will continue between my colleagues and the police as to what extra measures we can bring in to address this unacceptable behaviour.”

Over in Westhoughton, residents are experiencing an almost identical situation, with a large group gathering off Bardwell Avenue, screaming, swearing, and playing loud music until the early hours of the morning.

The next morning, mum Jenna Murphy found the field by her house covered in small nitrous oxide canisters, empty cider and beer cans, empty bottles of spirits, and discarded food wrappers left over from the group's gathering.

Mrs Murphy said: "It’s definitely impacting on my family – there’s screaming, shouting and music from around 4pm normally, meaning I can’t let my two young kids play at the front of the house as we can hear youths yelling at each other and swearing.

"Between online reports, calls to 101 and emailing PCSOs we must have reported this almost 50 times in the past 18 months and it’s as bad as ever."

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment regarding the latest incident.