A BURGLAR, who stole from neighbours, flouted a ban on visiting the street just days after he was released from prison because he needed to take his medication.

In April, Judge Timothy Stead handed Zsolt Kolompar a suspended prison sentence after hearing how he tried to break into a neighbouring property in Gresham Street, Astley Bridge.

Kolompar had previously received another suspended prison sentence for breaking into the same property.

The thief, who has mental health difficulties, was remanded in custody for 37 days to await his last sentence on April 20 and the judge opted to free him after hearing how he needed help for his mental problems and that his family had found him a new home in Derby Street.

A restraining order was made banning him from going to Gresham Street with Judge Stead telling him: “You can’t go visiting your mother there or anybody else. If you do you will be committing a criminal offence and end up where you are now.”

But at Manchester Crown Court, Judge Graeme Smith was told how 30-year-old Kolompar was spotted back in the street, where his mother and sister still live, just eight days later.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order.

Philip Hall, prosecuting, told how two neighbours saw him in the street on three occasions on April 28, at 2.40pm, 5pm and 5.25pm and took pictures to prove he was there.

“He was stood outside his old house and was shouting very loudly,” said Mr Hall.

Hungarian-born Kolompar initially denied he had been in the street but then claimed that he had been visiting his family to receive an injection.

Judge Smith adjourned sentencing until June 2 and on his return to court it was established that Kolompar was telling the truth.

Nicky Gatto, defending, said Kolompar had received an injection at his mother’s address on April 27 and was then told to go back the following day to collect some oral medication.

Sentencing Kolompar to six weeks imprisonment for the breach of the restraining order, Judge Smith said he would not activate either of his suspended sentences.

He said: “You must not go onto Gresham Street for any reason even if you are told by someone to do it.

“If you do so again you will be arrested and I will send you to prison for a very long time.”