LOOK out ladies, there's some serious totty heading to Bolton!

Glasgow-born Charlie McDonald is heading to our fair town in January to set up base for his events, PR and model management company, Episode Management.

So not only will the hunky 31-year-old be making the ladies swoon - he'll be giving gorgeous guys and gals the chance to step onto the catwalk or into a fashion shoot.

But don't be fooled, Charlie does warn potential models that the business is full of potential pitfalls.

"It's a very harsh, very shallow industry - you need to be prepared for rejection. However, if you have got talent and you're willing to develop it then it can a really amazing career.

"Also, it's important not to get put off by rejection. You might see 20 or 30 clients and get one call back, and after four or five callbacks you might get one job. It's just a process of trial and error."

Multi-talented Charlie was spotted in a Glasgow shopping centre at the age of 20, and is currently signed up to Liverpool agency Absolute Model Management. He has worked on numerous modelling jobs, including fashion spreads for magazines and catwalk shows. But he says the best thing about the business is that he has learned about life on the other side of the lens.

"It's allowed me to develop my passion for photography," he says. "I'm actually finishing a course at Liverpool College, and then after that I go on to advanced level, it's great!"

And - calm down! - the 5'10" blonde is single. But as a model he says it tends to be "the wrong kind" of woman who throw themselves at him.

"Female models are far too much hard work," he says. "Now I'm looking for a down to earth personality, good looks and intelligence. That's why I'm still single!" he laughs.

For more information about Episode Management, visit www.episodemanagement.com.