BOLTON Town Hall is to light up tomorrow in solidarity with George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mr Floyd, an unarmed African-American, was filmed struggling to breathe as a white officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

The death has sparked huge protests against racism and the killing of black Americans in the USA.

Black Lives Matter protests have also taken place in the UK, with demonstrations in London and Manchester.

A statement from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority read: "The callous murder of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis has sent shockwaves around the world which are being powerfully and painfully felt here in Greater Manchester.

"As Leaders, we want to express our revulsion at the manner of George’s death, our sympathy with his family and our complete solidarity with the Black community here and elsewhere.

"We know the anger and the agony is real. Discrimination continues every day, not just in the USA but in the UK too. People are tired of having to fight it.

"To show our sympathy with George’s family, and our support for Black Lives Matter, we have today agreed to coordinate the lighting of civic buildings across our 10 boroughs on Friday evening, following on from the example of Trafford Council, and Salford and Manchester City Councils."

In a joint statement, Leader of Bolton Council Cllr David Greenhalgh and Chief Executive of Bolton Council, Tony Oakman, said:

“The Bolton Family and the behaviour of everyone, has been a shining beacon of how we live this.

"During this time the Bolton population has shown kindness, humility, and acceptance. This is the strength and part of the Bolton DNA.

“Recent and sad events in America are a testament to why we must stand together with all those who reject violence and oppose racism in all its forms.

"We are a place which celebrates and recognises differences and long may this continue. Together we will continue to make our towns and borough places where everyone is welcome, is treated fairly and shown kindness.”