Two teenage boys were thrown to the ground and left stranded in a park after being robbed for their bikes.

Lois Booth, a mother-of-two, has been left terrified for her son's safety after 14-year-old Josh and his friend were assaulted in Leverhulme Park on Sunday.

The pair went out for a bike ride around 6pm, and were on their way home when they were approached by two men, believed to be around 20-years-old, asking the boys if they knew where to find cannabis in the area.

When the pair explained they didn't smoke, the men threw the boys to the ground, grabbing Josh's friend by the neck, before riding off on the bikes.

Miss Booth said: "Everyone says kids these days don't know how to socialise properly because they're all on the computers socialising online instead but I honestly don't blame them – at least they're safe at home and don't have to worry about being attacked.

"It's the second bike in less than a year to get stolen whilst he's been out on it, you can't have anything nice these days without others seeing it and feeling like they can just take it.

"Joshua was attacked completely unprovoked last year by three lads whilst he was just sitting on a park with his girlfriend, stamping on his head leaving a shoe print on his face.

"It's left me a nervous wreck every time he leaves the house, I don't want him going out ever again."

Miss Booth's sister drove to pick the pair up from the park shortly after the robbery, and drove them around for a few hours hunting for the men or the bikes.

This was one of the first times that Josh has met a friend since the lockdown began at the end of March.

Both of the boy's bikes are made by Rockrider, with one featuring a black frame and the other a yellow.

The incident has been reported to police and officers are investigating.