TOWN hall chiefs say they rely on people to follow lockdown guidelines as more reports were made of parents flouting rules and lifting their children to access play equipment.

Last week, The Bolton News reported how parents were helping their children gain access to the play area in Moss Bank Park.

This week, footage showed young children playing on swings and slides in Queens Park.

It shows half-a-dozen children clambering on all the different equipment in the park and playing together.

This is despite signs clearly stating that the play area is closed to due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the closure designed to reduce the spread of the infection.

A spokesman for Bolton Council said: “In accordance with government guidelines, the council has closed all play areas to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading when small children use the same equipment.

“While we have taken measures to physically restrict access, we are reliant on families and young people observing the regulations.

“As lockdown is partially eased, we urge everyone to please be considerate of others and continue to follow the guidelines.”

One resident said he witnessed parents lifting children over the fence and parents climbing over to join them on Tuesday evening.

He said: “People were clearly ignoring the lockdown rules with parents and children playing on the park, with no social distancing.”

Playgrounds have been closed throughout the duration of lockdown, although public parks were left open to allow people to exercise with social distancing in place.

Now as measures are relaxed, people are able to relax in parks, with social distancing rules still in place to ensure the spread is kept under control.

Following the flouting of rules at Moss Bank Park, Cllr Garry Veevers said: “We all have a responsibility to follow the rules,” adding there was a fear there could be a second spike.