Adapting to coronavirus has been a challenge for all businesses, but one firm based in Egerton has made a dramatic change in order to survive.

The team behind Factory Moto, a motorsport clothing company, had to get creative when demand dried up due to the virus.

They put their heads together and saw a gap in the market for a hand sanitiser dispenser designed for high volume usage.

Together they've launched a new brand called Factory Hygiene, a name reflecting the owners' love of Factory Records and coincidentally fitting in with their product.

Factory Hygiene's sanitiser dispenser contains enough product to last 2000 applications before it needs to be replaced, making it ideal for companies with a large workforce.

The dispenser relies totally on gravity; it does not require electricity access or batteries and there is no need to set it up.

Staying local is at the heart of the brand too; the base is made in Farnworth and the gel is sourced from Preston.

Miles Jackson, co-owner of Factory Hygiene said: "The first thing people want to do when they arrive at work will be sanitising their hands.

"Standard bottles can be used up quickly and it can be a nightmare for workers if the sanitiser is running out all of the time.

"We realised we needed to make a dispenser that was mobile, needed no power or batteries and did not require to be plumbed in.

"It's quite a clever system and just uses gravity to dispense the sanitiser.

"We've kept everything very local, the dispenser itself is being made by Brooklyn Fabrication in Farnworth.

"The sanitising gel is sourced from a company in Preston and it is fully CE certified 70% alcohol.

"We believe this is the only type like this available on the market; it's so easy to use and only takes a few seconds.

"There's different sizes available and we've already had orders from local companies. It's possible to have the dispenser inside or outside, and it can be locked up when not in use.

"It's all very new and exciting, currently we're adding the finishing touches to the website. We just want to get cracking with it."