While most of us are probably desperate to head to the pub and have a refreshing pint after three months of lockdown, one couple from Farnworth have already been visiting their local.

Phil and Donna Neath have become proud landlord and lady of The Cock In Cider, named after Jamie Oliver's mobile pub.

There's no fear of breaking lockdown rules since the pub is conveniently located in their own back garden.

They have transformed a garden shed into a cosy tavern, complete with a bar, darts board and an arcade machine.

The project began in 2019 as a 40th birthday present to Phil, however, lockdown has enabled the couple to finally finish building the pub.

Donna said: "The pub really gives you that feeling of going out, without actually going out. It's a nice, quiet sanctuary.

"At New Year it was just a shell, but thanks to lockdown we've finally had the time to finish it.

"We joined a pub sheds group online which helped with some inspiration, and we've been collecting various bits and bobs.

"Relatives have bought us different glasses, plaques to put up and we've got a collection of bar mats too.

"It's been a real family and friends effort, before lockdown began they even help us with the building.

"Since we've finished it I've given people virtual tours and we even hosted a quiz night there over Zoom."

Donna, who works for a housing association and Phil, an engineer for a hygiene company, enjoy using the space with their two sons, 11-year-old Rowan and 15-year-old Josh.

Donna said: "On Sundays we have a games night in there and the boys play darts; all electronics are banned.

"Sometimes I have my work video calls in there too because it's so quiet and peaceful.

"Ultimately it's a space for family and friends, once lockdown is over we will have a grand opening.

"Some of them are already referring to it as 'their local' even if they live quite far away; it's nice that they think of it in that way."