BOLTON patients seeking treatment elsewhere in the region will have an easier time accessing services.

Development of the GM Care Record has been fast tracked to help healthcare workers in the fight against coronavirus.

The new scheme will allow organisations to access the health records of all 2.8m citizens of Greater Manchester.

A similar scheme, the Bolton Care Record, was introduced in the borough four years ago, allowing GPs, doctors, nurses, and practitioners to see up-to-date medical records of the patient they’re treating.

Easy access to this information stops patients needing to repeat their medical history each time they see a new professional, and can ensure patients receive the right care and treatment.

Now, the Bolton Care Record will form part of the GM Care Record, allowing professionals from outside the borough to access the same records.

Wirin Bhatiani, Chair of Bolton CCG, said: “This is a really positive step towards making the treatment of patients as seamless as possible as vital information about their condition, medication and previous care will be available and accessible to whomever may be treating them.

“We are proud to have established the Bolton Care Record and pleased to see the development of even safer care across Greater Manchester at such a critical time.”