Royal Bolton Hospital has not linked any new patient deaths to coronavirus for over a week and a half – but national deaths have started to rise again.

Figures released by NHS England yesterday afternoon revealed the last death at the hospital of someone with the virus occurred on June 10.

This death was added to official figures the next day, on June 11, meaning that no new coronavirus-related deaths have been reported for 12 days.

However, the national number of coronavirus-related deaths has begun to rise once more.

On Monday, 20 new deaths were reported across English hospitals, with yesterday's figures adding 46 new deaths.

People are being urged to keep to the new government guidance, with Downing Street warning that a spike in new cases of the virus could see the easing of lockdown reversed.

After Boris Johnson's announcement in the House of Commons about lifting restrictions, No, 10 confirmed that government press conferences would no longer be held daily.

A government spokesman said: "We’ll continue to hold press conferences with significant announcements, including with the Prime Minister.

“We will be publishing all of the data which has previously been included in the press conference slides on every week day."