A TAKEAWAY delivery driver claimed he had hit a bump in the road when he struck and killed a woman as she crawled towards the pavement.

Donna Barrow-Jones, who had spent the evening drinking, was with her partner crossing Wigan Lane, Wigan when she stumbled and fell.

Bolton Crown Court heard how she was crawling towards the kerb but Nazar Abukhrais, driving a Hyundai, did not see her in the roadway.

He hit 53-year-old Ms Barrow-Jones and carried on driving, braking only briefly before later turning into a side street, getting out and examining the vehicle.

Paramedics rushed to the scene but Ms Barrow Jones, who suffered multiple injuries, was pronounced dead.

The court heard that 35-year-old Abukhrais, a Libyan national who had no UK licence or insurance, was found after debris at the crash scene was linked to the Hyundai, which he had borrowed from his brother in order to illegally work delivering takeaways.

Abukhrais, a married father-of-four, of Shipton Street, Bolton, admitted having driven the car but initially denied having been involved in a collision, claiming he thought the bump he felt was due to a defect in the road surface.

He subsequently pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving, having no licence or insurance.

Brian Berlyne, prosecuting, told how, at 8.45pm on Saturday November 23 last year Ms Barrow-Jones was near the hospital on Wigan Lane on her way home with her partner, Howard Barrow after visiting his daughter. Tests revealed she had drunk enough alcohol to be more four times over the legal driving limit.

"As they were crossing the road Miss Barrow-Jones tripped and fell," said Mr Berlyne.

"Mr Barrow did not see the impact. He heard a loud bang."

Mr Berlyne added: "Ms Barrow-Jones stumbled and fell to the ground. At one point she was lying on the ground but she managed to get up to her knees. Whilst on her knees she began to crawl on all fours across the road but before she could reach the pavement, while still on her knees, she was struck.

Abukhrais had been driving at 24mph in the 30mph limit road but did not stop.

Mr Berlyne said that, although it was dark and raining lightly, the road was straight, well lit and the driver should have seen Ms Barrow-Jones for at least 80 metres, giving him enough time to stop and avoid a collision.

The Hyundai was found in Duke Street, Wigan, the following afternoon.

"It had damage to the front bumper consistent with having been involved in a collision. The front of the vehicle appeared to have been recently cleaned," said Mr Berlyne.

In a victim statement Ms Barrow-Jones' father, Alan Jones said: "We daily feel the pain of Donna no longer being with us.

"Donna was the kind of person who would help anyone. She was beautiful inside and out and had everything to live for."

Judge Timothy Stead was told how Abukhrais, who has degree qualifications, has no previous convictions.

Brenda Campbell, defending said that, when arrested, Abukhrais had been "surprised" to be told that he had killed someone.

"He simply didn't see her. If he had seen her he would have stopped," she said.

"He is desperately sorry for what happened. His remorse is genuine and profound."

Judge Stead said that Abukhrais has already spent two weeks on remand in prison, plus a further three months on curfew and, if he was to return to jail, it would only be for a short time.

Instead Abukhrais was sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for two years during which he will undertake 120 hours of unpaid work and participate in 25 days of rehabilitation activities.

He was banned from applying for a driving licence for five years, after which he will have to take and extended driving test.