Royal Bolton Hospital has not linked any new patient deaths to coronavirus for almost two weeks.

Figures released by NHS England this afternoon revealed the last death at the hospital of someone with the virus occurred on June 10.

This death was added to official figures the next day, on June 11, meaning that no new coronavirus-related deaths have been reported for 13 days.

Nationally, hospitals have reported more coronavirus-related deaths, with 51 patient deaths linked to the virus in the latest figures.

The North West reported 11 of these deaths, with 19 reports coming from hospitals in the midlands, and six coming from London.

On Monday, 20 new deaths were reported across English hospitals, with Tuesday's figures adding 46 new deaths.

Over 306,000 cases of covid-19 have been confirmed across the country, with almost 43,000 people dying after contracting the virus.

Across the borough, 1,055 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, with 221 patients at Royal Bolton Hospital dying with the virus.

Neighbouring Bury has seen 815 confirmed cases, giving the nearby town a higher infection rate of 482.7 to Bolton's 369.7.