A BOLTON mum has been helping small businesses adapt to a post-Covid-19 world by advising them on selling their products online.

Throughout lockdown, e-commerce web developer and SEO audit expert Devesha Bhavsar, 35, has been setting up new web stores for businesses so they can start selling from home and help get behind The Bolton News’ Back in Business campaign.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic many small businesses are suffering,” said Devesha. “Since they are unable to make face to face sales, it’s a good time for business to start selling online.

“I did my first Facebook live with a message on how to get an offline business online by setting up a website and selling from home. I got lots of views and messages asking for help, so I started helping the businesses that reached out to me.”

Devesha, who graduated from Salford University with a Bsc Honours in Computer Science, wanted to use her skills and expertise to help businesses grow online and began offering affordable services to those who wanted to get their businesses online during this pandemic.

“Everyone is struggling, and it’s not fair to charge small businesses a stupid amount of money,” she said. “I have been hosting Google Meet sessions for existing and new businesses who want to go ahead and bring their business online as a way to react to the pandemic.

“The sessions are once a week for one hour and if businesses need any digital help I offer them my services. We talk about their website struggles, sales techniques, SEO audits, how to make their website better, blogging and guest posting and digital marketing.”

Once a week, Devesha, who set up her company Om Digital in 2016, gives tips on Shopify and WordPress, and she says it been a great experience for her.

“My world has gone virtual and I want other business owners to know everything is possible,” she said. “The digital word is giant and there is so much to do online, but I’d urge businesses to not let Covid-19 put you off. It’s a hard time for everyone and we are all in the same boat.”

Devesha, who has a seven-year-old daughter, gets lots of virtual training from the Mum In Business Association (MIBA).

- online hub where mothers can access the vital information they need to start and grow their business.

“The ladies have been a great motivation for me,” she added.