A BOLTON postwoman has been raising money for Bolton Hospice as a nice “jester”.

Lorraine Jackson has spent the last six Fridays dressed as a clown whilst she completes her delivery round, a practice she’s dubbed Silly Fridays.

Today will be Lorraine’s last day of clowning around, and she is hoping to reach her £1,000 target for the much-loved Bolton charity.

She said: “It started as a fancy dress day and people stopped to thank me whilst smiling so I did it again the week after and people asked if I was doing it for charity.

"I wasn't at first, it was just nice to see people happy, but if people wanted to donate I thought why not raise some money for a good cause?

"It's been a very difficult time, I've lost a few customers to covid, but if people can do more things like this it would be fantastic.

"Even if it just gives people a smile or five minutes away from this virus it's worth it."

Lorraine originally hoped to raise £500, and told customers that she would donate £100 to the charity if she could reach the target.

Now, she needs just £43 to reach her £1,000 goal, and has every confidence that her generous customers will help her hit that milestone.

She will be out delivering on Chorley New Road, Oakley Park, Overdale, Lady Bridge Lane and Knowsley Grange later today, taking donations for the hospice which she will then be dropping off at the site.