ACCLAIMED Bolton author Matt Cain will be joining the ranks of a new publisher as he gears up for the release of his new book next year.

The award-winning writer's new book 'The Secret Life of Albert Entwhistle" is set to be released in 2021, with its location based on Matt's hometown.

The rights for the novel have been acquired by Headline Review Publisher, Eleanor Dryden, from Sophie Lambert at C&W.

Matt said: "It's been a joy for me to write this novel set in the working-class north of England and to bring to life the late blooming of a sixty-something gay man, his quest to find his lost love, and the friendships he makes with people who are, on the surface, very different to him.

"I've found it uplifting and inspiring to witness just how much attitudes towards gay men in the UK have changed since I was young and how much more open and accepting our society is today.

"My aim with this book is to celebrate that change and to make readers from all different backgrounds feel proud of the part they've played in it.

"With Eleanor Dryden and everyone at Headline Review, I know I've found the perfect team to release this celebratory, joyous story into the world."

Matt is a former journalist and a leading commentator on LGBTQ+ issues.

He was Channel 4’s first Culture Editor, Editor-In-Chief of Attitude magazine, and has judged the Costa Prize, the Polari Prize and South Bank Sky Arts Awards.

One of his previous novels, The Madonna Of Bolton, became Unbound’s fastest crowdfunded novel ever before it was published in 2018.

Eleanor Dryden said: ‘When we first met Albert Entwistle, here at Headline, we fell for him completely, and it is a joy to be working with Matt on sharing this warm-hearted, irresistible and gloriously surprising story.

"The book stars a 64-year-old lonely postman in a quiet town in Northern England, who, after a shock discovery, sets out in search of the man who, many years ago, he loved and lost … but has never forgotten.

"And he has an unforgettable and completely life-affirming adventure on the way.

"I can’t wait for next summer, when Albert Entwistle will take masses of readers on his moving, uplifting journey, and am delighted to welcome Matt to Headline Review.’

The Secret Life of Albert Entwhistle will publish in hardback on 25th May 2021.