CROWDS gathered in Bolton town centre for a Black Lives Matter protest organised by a passionate13-year-old student.

Peaceful protestors gathered under the arch on Le Mans Crescent on Sunday for a series of speeches, poems and musical performances.

The gathering was organised by teenager Kaitlyn Fletcher, who goes to school in Bolton. 

The teen created an Instagram post for the event, before receiving help from Laila Hasan and other volunteers from Stand Up to Racism.

Kaitlyn said: “A lot of people said 'little girls' shouldn’t be doing this, but, it’s not fair for 'little girls' - as people say - to not have an opinion because they are seen as weak and not as strong. 

"I just really wanted people to have a voice so that they can make a better place for other young people to grow up in - and say what needs to be said.”

Those in attendance took a knee for eight minutes and forty-six seconds- the amount of time a US police officer had his knee on George Floyd’s neck before his death. Mr Floyd’s death in the US has sparked protests around the world, with millions marching in cities demanding justice and equality.

Others in attendance at the weekend's protest in Bolton included UNISON and Fire Brigades Union officials, as well as local and regional anti-racism activists.

Laila, who helped organise the event, said: “I think there’s a lot of young people like Kaitlyn who are rightly angry at systemic racism that exists in society.

“I think that one of the factors that have led up to this justifiable anger has been a decade or so of austerity - because of these cuts, black people have been suffering."

She added: “It’s the deep, deep injustice and lots of anger comes from that.”