An illegal rave took place over the weekend keeping local residents up all night and leaving a mess to be cleared up.

Around 40 youths attended the rave at Moses Gate Country Park in the early hours of Sunday morning behind the back of Darcy Lever Cricket Club which was loud enough to keep surrounding residents awake.

One local resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "It was really far away from any houses but kept us up all night.

"There were messages in the neighbourhood group chat saying it was keeping everyone up until the early hours.

"There was a lot of bass heavy music and lots of echoing, it was really frustrating."

Local Cllr Sean Hornby reassured residents in a Facebook post saying: "The rave which was on going from last night has now been stopped and all the gear which they had including music equipment has been seized by GMP within the last hour."

A spokesman from Greater Manchester Police said: "Police were called shortly after 9.35am on Sunday 28 June 2020 to reports of an illegal rave at Moses Gate Country Park in Bolton.

"Officers attended and dispersed the remaining group.

"No arrests were made. Amplifiers and music equipment were seized."