ORGANISERS of an illegal rave in Bolton over the weekend have been slammed for putting others at risk by their actions.

A clean-up operation is currently underway following the rave which took place on Silcott Field, behind Darcy Lever Cricket Club on Saturday night, with the rave carrying on until Sunday morning.

It is the latest illegal gathering to take place across Greater Manchester in recent weeks.

Ward councillor Sean Hornby said: “Residents reported seeing trolley loads of beer to the rave.

“A rave like this would be unacceptable even if we were not in the middle of the pandemic but to do this while we are...

“I can understand why after 15 weeks of lockdown people are feeling frustrated, it is difficult but just as we are getting through this and lockdown restrictions ease ­—these gatherings are risking a second wave and those attending are being irresponsible ­— they have no regard for their families or anyone else.

“Now the council will be counting the cost of the gathering, looking at any damage that has been caused and the clean-up operation ­— this is at at time when local authority resources are stretched even more.

“This is the first large gathering we have had in Darcy Lever ­— there have been others, I understand elsewhere in Bolton ­— and they need to stop.”

Cllr Hornby added: “Although I don’t know how many people were there, it would seem to be quite a lot. It was going on until Sunday morning.

“I called 101 to report and apparently police officers had been sent up, I told them the location and of course when the police turned up every one shot off.

“The music equipment was confiscated and the alcohol.”

Cllr Adele Warren, Executive Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Delivery, said: “We are still in a critical period with the pandemic, and gatherings like the one on Saturday night puts everyone’s hard work at risk.

“Our staff have cleaned up the mess left behind on the field, and we would urge everyone to continue to follow the government’s advice and guidance.”

One Darcy Lever resident said: “This is very worrying, I am classed as a vulnerable person and these gatherings are risking spreading the virus because still in lockdown.”

Greater Manchester Police have warned people to stay away from raves as there are no safety measures in place.

They said that the risk of coronavirus is still present and attending events in large groups is in breach of covid legislation adding: “social distancing guidelines still apply and large amounts of people stood closely together increases the risk to other members of the public. We all have individual responsibility for protecting ourselves and those around us”.

Police say they have had 30 reports of large gatherings in Greater Manchester in the past few weeks.

Bolton Chief Inspector Mike Russell said police were made aware of the rave at Moses Gate at 9.30am on Sunday, which was estimated that there were around 30 people in attendance at its height.

When officers arrived two people made off.

CI Russell is urging people to think twice before attending raves or risk infecting their relatives.

He said: “There is still a risk of Covid to the elderly, parents and grandparents – it is really important to realise the risk.

“We are appealing to make people understand the risks. Even if you are a young person and you think there is a very small chance that you will be affected, you could be putting your parents or grandparents at risk.

“If someone gets into some sort of medical trouble these events are not a good place to be as it is a struggle for the emergency services to get to these type of places.

“I would also like to thank the public for letting us know about the event and I really encourage people to continue to let us know about these events.”

To report an event such as a rave contact police on 101 or visit GMP’s live chat reporting service.