A THIEF who stole thousands of pounds worth of equipment from a children’s nursery has admitted his guilt.

At Manchester Magistrates’ Court, Peter McDonagh, aged 38, of Peel Park Crescent, pleaded guilty to stealing eight computer tablets, six cameras, a phone, £388, a doorbell chime and computer items, together worth £2,663.

The court heard how McDonagh had burgled the Tender Years Nursery in New Hall Lane, Heaton, on March 14.

McDonagh also admitted burgling Prescott House Community Health Unit in Little Hulton on May 19, where he stole £1,643 in cash.

The case was adjourned until July 6 when he will be sentenced following the preparation of probation service reports about him.

In the meantime McDonagh was granted bail.

As part of the bail conditions he was electronically tagged and must remain at Peel Park Crescent, or an address in Upland Drive, Little Hulton, every day between 7pm and 6am.