A TOTAL of 100 days have passed since we we told to stay at home to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Many people from different industries, such as retail and hospitality, were forced to stop working during the lockdown.

Times have been very difficult as the number of people in the UK who died after contracting rose sharply, particularly in April.

Socially and mentally it has also been very difficult as we were not permitted to see loved ones from different households in person.

But despite the global crisis, people in Bolton have managed to entertain themselves in different ways to bring some enjoyment into their lives amid all the sadness.

Families with children have spent more time together and ventured out to places that they may not have had the chance to go before.

The weather has been baking hot at times which has allowed people to visit beauty spots in the borough while sticking to social distancing measures.

And families have also held indoor activities such as "quarantine parties" for a bit of fun.

Lots of neighbours have embraced their community spirit by helping those that are vulnerable by getting their food shopping or other supplies so they do not have to leave their homes while they have been shielding.

The Clap for Our Carers, which was celebrated nationally every Thursday at 8pm, was marked in Bolton streets, so this could allow residents to show their appreciation for workers on the frontline.

And this rare time out of the home allowed neighbours, who may not have otherwise spoken to others, to have a chat and get to know them better.

In some cases, friendships grew to the extent that daily exercise classes out on the roads were set up, such as on Avoncliff Close.

We asked you to share pictures on Facebook of what best sums up the last 100 days for you and more than 200 comments were posted.

Above are only some of the images that were shared with us.

Let's hope that in another 100 days that lockdown rules will continue to be eased and we will be able to do more things that we were used to take for granted before the pandemic.

For now though, stay safe.