YOBS have left cricket club members "gutted" after raiding their ground and stealing planters.

The thieves struck at Tonge Cricket Club on Crompton Way when it is believed that they made several journeys to the premises to steal all 20 planters.

It is thought they gained entry by climbing over a fence, which they damaged, from nearby allotments.

A spokesman for the club said: “We are absolutely gutted, angry and upset.

“A lot of the volunteers of the club have put in extra work recently as part a refurbishment to get us ready for the season.

“There was £700 raised for the club which included money being spent on benches along with planters.

“It was looking really good until they turned up and pinched the planters.

“A lot of time and money has gone into the ground.”

Following the theft, the club has been lifted by the support it has received on social media and vowed that “it will not be beaten”.

The theft happened between around 4.30pm and 7pm last Thursday. Anyone with information can contact police on 101.

New players are also wanted by the cricket club, which is set to welcome visitors back on Saturday.