A SCHOOL which is undergoing a multi-million pound expansion is to have a further £1.1 million investment to address building issues which have come to light during construction work.

Ladybridge High School is undergoing a £3.385 million expansion to take on additional 150 pupils. It is one of a number of the borough's secondary schools to be expanded in order to meet rising demand for school places.

Work to 'remodel' the school to take on additional pupils started last spring, although this has been temporarily halted due to covid-19 restrictions.

Since work started, building issues have come to light and Bolton Council has agreed to put forward an additional £1.115 million to improve the fabric of the building, including work on the roof, structural issues and upgrading the electrics.

A council report stated: "These items are not in themselves directly related to the proposed increase in pupil numbers at the school, but rather reflect inherent building fabric issues that will need to be addressed to ensure the proper maintenance and upkeep of the school.

" Given the presence of the main contractor on site at the present time, it is seen as good estate management to consider undertaking these building condition issues at this time which will result in less inconvenience for the school ­—all works would be completed as part of a single on-going project rather than having to return at a later date for further disruption ­— and should attract economies of scale, and therefore be financially cost effective."

The extra cash is from the council's building maintenance fund.

Schools in Bolton which have been remodelled to take on additional children have led to improved facilities for all pupils.

Figures show there is expected to be a shortfall of places ­— 725 ­— by 2023 if no action is taken.

To address this a number of schools are undergoing a a £2 to £3 million expansion programme to accommodate the extra numbers.

Primary schools are also being expanded, with Pikes Lane Primary School and SS Simon and Jude's CE taking on additional pupils from this September.