A COUPLE from Bolton are celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss, with the pair still “the best of pals".

Margaret and Joe McMyler, both 85, met in an Irish Dance Hall in 1956. The pair had previously spotted each other on the bus when Joe worked as a driver, after moving over from Ireland in 1954.

The couple eventually married on June 29, 1960, in County Mayo, Ireland, staying there for a two-week honeymoon before returning to England.

When they tied the knot, the Queen had only been on the throne for eight years, John F. Kennedy hadn’t yet been elected as president of the United States and The Beatles were mere months into their music careers.

The couple have have two children, Teresa and Sean, seven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

Joe said that the secret to reaching their Diamond wedding anniversary was “enjoying each other's company, agreeing with each other on most things and supporting one another.”

He added: “It has been very good. I just hope we have another 60 years and can cut out the bad bits!"

Margaret, a former shop assistant at Gregory & Porritts, said: “We have always been there for each other and we are still the best of pals.

“We have had a good 60 years and got on great. We have plenty of grandchildren and great-grandchildren so they are always round.”

Despite celebrating during lockdown, the happy couple still received gifts and phone calls from friends and family to mark the special milestone on Monday.

Daughter Teresa said: “They have always enjoyed each other's company and laugh a lot together.

“Obviously they have had illnesses over the years but they have always had a great sense of humour to help them get through it.

“They have been playing games together in lockdown and they would still otherwise be going to their local Irish centre.

“Dad’s got that lovely sense of Irish humour and they have got through all the ups and down of life together.”