RESIDENTS have slammed an 'appalling' act of vandalism in Horwich.

The iconic Loco Wheels, which have been at the entrance of Station Park for nearly 40 years, were pushed from their stand on Wednesday afternoon.

Horwich councillor Kevin McKeon said members of the local community swiftly stepped in to put the wheels back in position, with Derek Cartwight and Roy Davies, members of the Horwich Heritage team, securing them with chains and rope.

Cllr McKeon said: “Derek and Roy have done a great job. It was fitting that two members of Horwich Heritage should have secured what is very special to Horwich and its industrial heritage.

“It is appalling that that anyone should have committed such an act of vandalism.”

The wheels were placed in Station Park at the time when Horwich Locoworks was winding down and are a reminder of Horwich’s industrial past.