CALLS for care workers, who are looking after other people's loved ones during the coronavirus pandemic, to be “paid fairly” were made by all sections of the community in a campaign which took to the streets on Thursday evening.

Care workers, faith leaders and trade union representatives gathered outside Beechville Residential and Care Home in Bolton, calling on other managers to follow the example of the home and pay staff the real living wage.

During the awareness-raising event, those gathered heard from care workers.

One said: “It’s been heartwarming to see how we have been supported by the public during the pandemic and we are grateful for every person who has clapped for carers.

"But applause is not enough, and we have been unrecognised, under-paid and under-valued for far too long.

"It’s time for the government to step in and guarantee the real living wage for all care workers.”

Beechville, which is run by Methodist Homes (MHA) is one of only a handful to pay staff the wage it is deemed people need to live on.

The event was part of the LivingWage4KeyWorkers campaign that is being led by Greater Manchester Citizens - Citizens UK, with the charity calling on the government to provide a £1.4bn cash boost to bring workers up to the real living wage.

Events took place up and down the country.

Conor McGurran, Greater Manchester Citizens co-chair, said: “It’s right that we thank MHA for showing the moral leadership to pay all of their dedicated care workers the real living wage.

"But unfortunately, the vast majority of the care workers who have kept our communities safe during this pandemic are paid only the national minimum wage," he added.