HEALTH chiefs have reassured residents that plans have been made should there be a local outbreak of coronavirus, as latest figures reveal Bolton has the ninth-highest rate of infections.

According to data released by Public Health England on Thursday, there were 23.5 cases per 100,000 people in the borough in the week ending June 28.

This figure is up from 15.8 in the previous week.

However, it is significantly lower than the rate of cases in Leicester, which is facing a localised lockdown, where there were 141.3 cases per 100,000.

Director of public health Dr Helen Lowey said: “Coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future, and we urge the public to continue to take precautions, particularly with the further easing of lockdown measures this weekend.

“We understand that the weekly data does show a small increase as it does in some other areas and we would like to reassure our residents that we have got plans in place to control any local outbreaks.

“Of course, we will continue to monitor the data and the additional data released this week will help us to do this better.

“What the figures do tell us is that the threat from coronavirus is still with us and we must all continue to take precautions.

“We know that some people will be making plans for the weekend and we would urge everyone to please stay safe.

“Please continue to follow good hand hygiene practice, and please remember it is still really important to physically distance, where possible two metres but otherwise one metre with measures like masks or face coverings.

“It is essential that if people have symptoms, they self-isolate and book a test – please do so via the council website.

“We will continue to closely review the data for Bolton and advise any measures that become necessary.”