POLICE carried out a raid at the travellers site in Farnworth.

Passers-by reported a huge police presence at the Crompton Lodge Caravan Park in Hall Lane, Moses Gate last night.

It is understood to be second raid at the site this week.

Greater Manchester Police said for 'operational reasons' they were unable to disclose details of the raid, but confirmed vehicles were seized.

One passer-by said they saw a 'big police presence including the tactical aid unit' at around 7pm.

Police vehicles were spotted in the lay-by and blocking the entrance to the park.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "I can confirm that two stolen vehicles were seized."

Thursday evening's raid comes after locals reported a large police presence on the site on Monday.

The council’s registered caravan park is a a site where Gypsies and travellers can reside on a permanent basis under a tenancy agreement. The site can accommodate up to 26 families.

The caravan park has been raided by police previously. In 2018 arrests were made for burglary, theft and robbery.

Police have not said whether any arrests were made during last night's operation.