A caravan has been completely destroyed by a fire in Horwich this evening.

Residents reported a loud bang and saw smoke in the area surrounding Julia Street shortly before 7pm.

The caravan has previously been reported to the authorities as it is associated with anti-social behaviour.

The fire was extinguished by the fire brigade and the caravan is believed to be abandoned.

A local resident, who preferred not to be named, said: "My son came in from Aldi and told me there was a fire, I went out as I thought it was the flats on Floxton Court.

"But as I got to Julia Street, from High Street I had seen all the smoke, I knew straight away it was the caravan as it’s been there for a few days and youths have been using it to smoke weed.

"I heard a bang and someone shout , it’s at the back of my house, the woman sounded worried. Then the fire fighters turned up and hosed it down very quickly, they did an amazing job."

Horwich Town Councillor David Grant arrived at the scene after hearing reports of a fire. He said: "I was concerned about reports so I made my way down there and I spoke to the police.

"Town councillors had reported the caravan to the local authorities a couple of weeks ago, advising that it was attracting vandals and antisocial behaviour, but nothing has been done.

"The police need further information as to the owner of the caravan, they can report it to 101 with the reference number 2254/030720."

Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Fire and Rescue Services and North West Ambulance Services have all been contacted for more information.