A BOLTON driving instructor is offering confidence-building classes to drivers who have been off the road during lockdown.

Laura Delvard, of El Passo, recognises that returning to busy roads may be difficult for some drivers who have kept their cars on the driveway for the past couple of months.

She said: "I always aim to teach Safe Driving for Life skills not just to pass a test.

“At the moment there are people concerned about going back on the roads again.

“This can apply to qualified drivers as well as those who were learning to drive before lockdown, or even those wanting to start learning to drive.”

During lockdown, Laura has been holding a Virtual Driving Clinic every week where pupils could share their worries and anxieties “or just drop in for a general chat”.

She is now extending this beyond lockdown as an online support group for pupils and offering refresher classes to qualified drivers who need a confidence boost.

Laura said: “I have also been keeping my pupils up to date on any developments from the government and the DVSA, making sure we stayed in contact throughout this difficult period.”

While getting ready to get back on the road, with plenty of precautions in place, Laura has added new services including a Theory Buddy Service. This allows pupils to focus on the theory test, ask questions and gain valuable techniques.

For potential nervous pupils, she offers simple ways to relax before lessons.

Laura said: “Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong on a lesson, focus on all the things you do well and think positive.

“If you do have a bad day, don’t dwell on it. We all have off days and a good lesson always follows.

“Don’t count down the days until your lesson or test. Look forward to them. Remember – examiners are human and they want you to pass.

“When you do take your test, don’t throw in the towel if you make a mistake. It doesn’t always mean you have failed.”

Laura tries to make her lessons as fun and engaging as possible “so that my pupils enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching.”