A MOTHER suffering from a brain tumour died after falling at her home, an inquest was told.

Barbara Cardwell, 61, was heading out for a short walk when she fell close to her door.

The hearing at Bolton Coroners Court was told Barbara, from Bolton, died peacefully at Bolton Hospice in the care of her daughter Zoe, on April 9 2020.

She had been suffering from a brain tumour since 2019 and had been in quite poor health leading up to the time of her death, according to a statement read on behalf of her daughter.

The former assembly line worker and mum-of-four had been living at Manor Gardens to assist with her care as her health deteriorated.

Zoe said that her family would visit her often but this had become extremely limited due to the coronavirus lockdown, and that the “family had not been able to see her for some time”.

Zoe’s statement said that she received a phone call on April 3 telling her that her mum had fallen near the door of her house, as she headed out for a short walk.

She was taken to hospital with a CT scan finding a bleed on her brain.

Barbara was subsequently taken to a ward in the early hours of April 4 where it was decided that no medical intervention could be offered due to her condition.

A decision was therefore made by Zoe and the medical staff to move her to Bolton Hospice on April 6.

Zoe said that she was granted access to visit her mum while at the hospice and was there when she died on April 9.

She described the care her mum received at the hospice as “lovely”.

The cause of death was recorded as a brain bleed from trauma as a result of a fall. Her brain tumour was recorded a secondary cause of death, with the trauma from the fall seen as the most significant aspect.