Many businesses in England have been given the green light to open after lockdown- meaning we can enjoy a delicious breakfast in a café or restaurant.

If you’re desperate for a cooked breakfast but don’t know where to go, here are five of TripAdvisor’s highest rated breakfast places in Bolton.  

Taste of Greece

The Bolton News: Fancy a Greek-inspired breakfast? (Photo: Taste of Greece)Fancy a Greek-inspired breakfast? (Photo: Taste of Greece)

If you are in the mood for Greek food, then this café promises to deliver the flavours of the country.

Their breakfast is served until 12 and their menu consists of a £6 Full English Breakfast (with vegetarian options) and a breakfast wrap (£4.50).

You can also have an omelette filled with extras of your choosing, such as feta and olives- you can even have a side of tzatziki.

This café received 142 ‘Excellent’ ratings on Trip Advisor, with commenters praising the quality food.

One person commented: “It’s just like being in Greece”.

Another said: “Never had anything other than a lovely experience”.

The Coffee Shop at Heaton

As well as the classic full English (£6.70), this shop also sells sausage sandwiches (£3.90) and eggs on toast (£3.00)- their breakfast is served from 10am-12pm on a Saturday.

Their ‘Lite Bites’ section is also available and includes a potato cake sandwich (£4.90), which is loaded with Hollandaise sauce, black pudding and bacon.

This business is well-known for its impressive range of hot drinks, so make sure to wash your breakfast down with a Battenburg Latte (Regular £3.20) or Kiwi and Strawberry loose leaf tea (£2.80).

Chill at the Cowshed, Horwich

This café has received over 120 ‘Excellent’ reviews on Trip Advisor, with commenters saying the food was “amazing” and staff “friendly”.

The breakfast menu includes poached eggs on toast, bacon or sausage barns, cheese on toast and toasted fruit loaf.

They also have a wide selection of fruit teas available, including lemon and ginger and Wild Berry.

Relish, Egerton

The Bolton News: An English breakfast at Relish (Photo: Relish, Bolton)An English breakfast at Relish (Photo: Relish, Bolton)
Trip Advisor reviewers describe this as a hidden gem of Bolton, praising the positive environment and “quick service”.

Their breakfast menu currently runs from 9am-2:30 and includes: Full English breakfast (£7.95), as well as pimped porridge (£3.50) and bacon or sausage sandwiches (£3.60).

Lottie's of Belmont

The Bolton News: Breakfast at Lottie's (Photo: Lottie's of Belmont)Breakfast at Lottie's (Photo: Lottie's of Belmont)

TripAdvisor commenters called this café a “delight”, adding that the café itself “stunning”.

Breakfast here is served from 9am-11:30am and includes:

Lottie’s Full Breakfast (small £6, Large £8.25)

Vegetarian breakfast (£7.25)

Smoked Salmon bagel (£6.95)

American pancakes (£6.95)
Porridge (£4.50)

Where is your favourite place in Bolton for breakfast? Let us know in the comments.