You might be forgiven for not parking dead centre in a bay or being at a slight angle, but some of these driving disasters really do test your patience.

From Astley Bridge to Harwood, shocking (and hilarious) examples of parking have been spotted across the borough.

These cars all have mirrors but clearly some drivers just don't know how to use them and there's not an L plate in sight.

Sometimes one incident of bad parking has a knock-on effect; at Dunelm Mill three cars were seen parked side by side, all straddling the white lines of the bay.

Elsewhere drivers seize the opportunity to give themselves a bit more room to get in and our of their cars with vehicles taking up two spaces instead of one.

Meanwhile some people are in such a rush to get the shops they will leave their car anywhere, completely ignoring all the markings.

The Bolton News: Spotted outside B&QSpotted outside B&Q

Photos of poor parking across Bolton and elsewhere have been collated by the Facebook Page Parking like a P**** in the UK, founded by two people with links to the local area.

The page was launched in 2014 to document bad parking in the area but since then it's received entries from across the world.

Sometimes the photos causes heated reactions, particularly among the drivers who have been papped, however, for the most part the page is lighthearted and drivers can also ask for their photos to be removed.

The Bolton News: More poor parking in BreightmetMore poor parking in Breightmet

The founder of the page, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "At first it was just myself who found parking a bit annoying and started uploading pictures to the page.

"It spiralled over night and I found that other people shared my frustrations.

"Now it's all pictures sent in from all over the country.

"First it was in Bolton, but we get entries from everywhere, including America and Australia.

The Bolton News: Or just don't park on the road at all in Morris GreenOr just don't park on the road at all in Morris Green

"I had a mixed response at first, there were people who thought the page was pathetic and even made threats.

"But I just carried on and it just got bigger and more popular.

"We have owners of vehicles contacting us all the time, they either ask to have a photo removed, which we will happily do, or they try to explain themselves."

The Bolton News: Aldi WesthoughtonAldi Westhoughton

Send your examples of poor parking, be it bad or just plain funny, to including the location.