THE Octagon is simply too precious to lose ­— just ask actor Andy Serkis, the voice behind the fantastic Lord of the Rings creature Gollum.

The British actor is the latest star of stage and screen to back the Octagon Theatre's Crowdfunding appeal to see it through the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to other playhouses fall into administration.

The Octagon is appealing for donations to help it through the pandemic, which has cost it half-a-million pounds in lost incom, and is now fighting for its future.

Andy won widespread fame for his performance as Smeagol in the trilogy for which he provided motion capture movements and voice for the CGI character.

The Bolton News:

In a special video message for the Octagon, he talks about when he performed at the theatre.

He said: "Hello wonderful people of Bolton and particularly the wonderful Octagon audiences.

"I cannot believe that it is 35 years since when I was at the Octagon, my first job.

"I remember having an extraordinary time there, I loved the place the people.I have got very fond memories of being in your wonderful town.

"The Octagon has been making theatre in Bolton and supporting the community and giving opportunities to young artists for 50 years.

"The theatre is facing a huge financial challenge as a result. So the team have set up the Octagon Future Fund to help get through this very difficult time and anything you can contribute will make a huge difference to protecting the future of the theatre. All I can say is I'm in are you?"

The Octagon Theatre has raised nearly £46,000, with all donations matched by The Oglesby Charitable Trust.

Other stars to back the appeal include The Chase's Jenny Ryan

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