A three-year-old boy was taken to hospital with head injuries after he was struck by a mountain bike.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team were called out to Rivington Pike at 3:55pm yesterday afternoon to assist with helping the boy, who was injured while walking with his family.

The toddler was walking just below the tower when he was hit. His head was later glued at hospital. 

Before the mountain rescue team arrived a member of the public had bandaged up the injury.

A post by the mountain rescue team on their Facebook page confirmed the boy was sent home from hospital to recover last night.

The post read: "At 15:55 yesterday the team was contacted by North West Ambulance Service who were requesting our assistance near Rivington Pike.

"A three year old boy was out walking with his family just below the Pike tower when he was struck by a male riding a mountain bike sustaining a head injury.

"One of our team members was swiftly on scene in his own four wheel drive vehicle, having gained access through the padlocked gates.

"The injured young lad, understandably very upset, was quickly conveyed with his mum by our team member along the tracks to a waiting NWAS ambulance and BMRT team vehicle some 800m away.

"We were updated last night by the boy's grateful parents who have told us that the young chap involved has had his injury glued at hospital, and he's been sent home to recover. We're very glad to hear that he's ok."