A GRANDMOTHER has been left with cuts and bruises to her face after she was attacked by a group of off-road motorbikes.

The incident occurred last Thursday at the Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, in Moses Gate Country Park.

Jaqui Watson had confronted the youths, telling them their bikes were scaring youngsters in the area ­— as well as being dangerous for horse riders.

The 56-year-old from Harwood, visits the Gravel Pits, off Croft Side, Darcy Lever, three to four times a week to ride horses, often with her grandchildren.

But the presence of off-road bikes has become a growing problem in the conservation area recently.

She said the bikes frighten the children ­— as well as wildlife and horses.

Jaqui said: “I have been reporting to the police recently and they then asked me to collect evidence to show them so they could try and deal with the people responsible.

“Last Thursday my granddaughter had been horse riding there and then I was told by a friend that the bikes had around that bit of the park.

“I went down straight away but there was no one there ­— but a group of at least eight came soon after.”

Jaqui said the group rode around intimidating them, despite the presence of her seven-year-old granddaughter.

“They were causing mayhem,” she said.

“I shouted at them to stop and slow down but they just threatened to run me over.

“I stood my ground to one of them and they kicked gravel at me with the back tyre of their bike.

“It’s cut my face and given me a black eye. I am okay but it could have taken an eye out.

“The worst thing was they kept going near my granddaughter, I thought she could have been killed.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they were called out at 4.40pm on July 9 to a report of off road bikes on Croft Side, Bolton.

A police spokesman said: “It appears that off-road vehicles have been driving in anti-social manner.

“It’s been recorded as anti-social behaviour.”

Jaqui added: “It’s an ongoing issue, there seem to be a few groups that are just causing mayhem."