NO new deaths at Royal Bolton Hospital have been linked to coronavirus.

Figures released by NHS England yesterday afternoon showed no patients at the borough's hospital had died after contracting covid-19.

The data confirmed 11 deaths in hospitals across England, although this number is likely to rise due to a delay in reporting coronavirus-related deaths that occur over a weekend.

A total of 226 people have now died at the borough's hospital, with over 55,000 deaths across the country linked to covid-19.

Overall, 1,867 cases of coronavirus have now been confirmed in Bolton, with over 290,000 people testing positive across the country.

The news came as the health secretary said the government would roll out the “biggest flu vaccination programme in history”.

Matt Hancock said planning was already under way for dealing with the expected surge in demand on the NHS due to seasonal pressures over winter, including flu.

He said that a high demand was expected for flu jabs this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, but enough vaccine had been obtained for the "big task" of making this year's programme the biggest yet.

Speaking at the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) virtual conference on Monday, Mr Hancock said: “We all know that having had an incredibly hard six months the next big moment is as winter approaches.

“We are currently planning in detail for winter. We are expecting high demand.

“We want the flu vaccine programme to be the biggest flu vaccine programme in history.

“We have procured enough vaccine to be able to deliver on that, but then it’s a big task.”

Earlier this month, Downing Street said ministers were trying to secure a “significant additional supply” of vaccines so the uptake in “at-risk” groups could be increased and more people could be made eligible for a free injection.

Currently the flu vaccine is free to those deemed most at risk, including those who are pregnant, over 65, carers and primary school children.