A DRUG driver was caught driving a pal’s car without a full licence or insurance.

At Bolton Magistrates’ Court Habib Azad became the first person to be sentenced since the court reopened to the public following the coronavirus outrbreak.

Azad, aged 18, of Tattersall Avenue, Bolton, pleaded guilty to driving after using cannabis and having no valid licence or insurance.

Nicola Yeadon, prosecuting, told the court how police spotted the Astra Azad was driving on Hall Road at 11.20pm on December 30 last year and followed it into a dead end.

“The defendant ran from it but was stopped and detained,” said Mrs Yeadon.

Azad, who represented himself in court, told magistrates that he had been “chilling” at a friend’s house when they decided to go for a drive.

"At the time I was just a bit young and immature and thought I would just drive. I was foolish," Azad, who is a student, told the court.

He was fined £140 plus £115 in costs and charges and was banned from holding a drivinglicence for 15 months.